New Product Release + Thank You February 22, 2018 12:46

Both, the KDM 1.5 Expansion Organizer and Character Console are now available to order in the shop. As always, we would love to get your feedback on these!

Delayed Order Fulfillment December 26, 2017 13:57

We wanted to make a quick post and thank everyone for the enthusiasm and excitement with our products. We are an extremely small operation and are truly floored with the reception of our work. With the very large increase of orders we've suddenly experienced, and despite our very best efforts, we are unfortunately falling behind on our order fulfillment ETA. We guarantee all orders will be fulfilled as quickly as we can, however the fulfillment time will be extended from the usual 5-10 business days.

We are hugely thankful to everyone who has ordered and/or shared our products! Once we get our order queue back to normal, we can't wait to share more products and projects we've been working on.

We are also working on ways to mitigate this kind of delay for future releases and are trying to get better at predicting demand (you guys really surprised us).

For the latest updates, please like and follow us on Facebook!

New Product Preview: Fan-Made Kingdom Death: Monster products! November 28, 2017 16:24

With all the excitement and updates regarding Kingdom Death: Monster, we are making updates to our own product line to make sure we can keep providing what's needed to streamline and organize gameplay!

The Best Terrain Primer. Ever. February 17, 2016 14:46

We randomly picked up this primer at our local Home Depot, only to discover that it is freaking amazing. It is so amazing, you needed to know about it for all of your modeling ventures. So here it is:

Photo from

This unassuming spray can of magic has these wondrous features:

  • Layers well
  • Dries fast
  • Doesn’t soak into mdf and cause expansion (in fact it seals the mdf and works as a primer for acrylics)
  • It is super cheap

We use it on everything from our own personal miniatures, to all of our products that have been painted for display.

If you have a Home Depot near you, or want to pick it up online, we highly recommend it because wow. Make sure to get the FLAT one and not the semi-gloss one.

Do you have any primer or paint favorites for your modeling? Let us know!

Building - Prototype Preview! November 16, 2015 18:42

If you follow us on Instagram, you would have seen the video we posted up playing around with a door prototype. If not, check it right here:

Playing around with the prototype of a big project.

A video posted by Top Down Terrain (@topdownterrain) on


Here are a couple of other pictures we took of a further-along prototype. We're getting super close to finishing this baby up and we can't wait to show it off once it's done!


More previews of our prototype. Getting real close, now. Can't wait to show you all the whole thing! Soon!

A photo posted by Top Down Terrain (@topdownterrain) on

Review from The Lonely Artichoke November 04, 2015 17:08

We've recently been reviewed by The Lonely Artichoke, specifically our Mettle Shell Shipping Container Set! If you haven't heard or seen of The Lonely Artichoke, we recommend you visit the site to read thorough and thoughtful reviews, as well as his webcomic called Triad 'n' True. He offers a myriad of other topics and explorations into Infinity the Game and Tohaa (including his very own fanfic language), so please go take a look at his site!

Thanks to The Lonely Artichoke for the review! Click here to read it!


Review from Guerrilla Miniature Games! November 02, 2015 16:59

We're pleased to share that Ash from Guerrilla Miniature Games has reviewed another one of our products: our MDF bases! A great follow-up to the other review he made, as these bases were made specifically to go with (or without) our display stages. Ash has reviewed many other products from other gaming-related up-and-comers, as well as really great bat reps and painting projects. So don't stop at this video, go to his channel and explore all he's got on there (really, there is a lot to see!).

So without further ado, here is Guerrilla Miniature Games' review of our Display Stage Base Sets:


Metal Gear Solid Airsoft October 12, 2015 17:52

We're plugging away at the newest product we're going to put out. It's a big one and we think it's worth the wait. In the meantime, we found this awesome video of real-life Metal Gear Solid (one of our favorite video games) and thought you all might get a kick out of it, as well. The combat style of Metal Gear Solid and this video so perfectly match the kinds of mini games we love to play, it's great to see the pervasiveness of a good combat system.

Anyway, take a look at the video and enjoy!


Unpainted September 28, 2015 20:21

shadow defiant stage unpainted detail

We get asked this a lot about our product line: are the lines/details/words painted on or are they etched? All details on all of our products are etched or cut into the products, so there is never anything you will see in our product images that you won't get to take advantage of on your own sets. There is never a design or detail on the product images that is just painted on. We intend on getting unpainted detailed shots (like the one above) on all of the product pages in the near future as a result of getting these questions.

We really love getting questions like this because they help us think about how to improve our products and our presentation better so we invite everyone to ask away. We want to make terrain and accessories that we want to use, but we of course want you to want to use them, too, so we appreciate any and all input! The easiest ways to contact us are through our Contact page, or email at contact[at]

Shatter Vigil - Scatter Terrain Set OUT NOW! September 22, 2015 18:28

shatter vigil scatter terrain set


Our scatter terrain set is finally out and ready for orders! This set is great for 28mm sci-fi wargaming and offers great cover and aesthetic.

Take a look at our new scatter terrain set and stay tuned for more updates on upcoming terrain and gaming accessories!

Quick Announcement on Shipping September 18, 2015 07:34

We just want to make the quick, but very cool, announcement that we are now shipping internationally! So wherever you are, if you can receive mail, we can very likely ship to you! We've been intending to open up international shipping since we first opened, but it has certainly been a task to figure all of that out. But now we're completely open for business worldwide! Yay-yipee!! 

Happy gaming!

Two Announcements, One Picture! September 16, 2015 18:29

Two things!

  1. Oh man. Look at that picture. That is one closeup picture of a thing. A thing that is coming out pretty soon and we're (as always) super excited! We'll keep you all apprised on the release. Keep in mind that this is a closeup of a small piece of a much bigger project!
  2. Now look at that picture again. That picture is pretty square shaped, isn't it? Where else might you find square-shaped pictures...? That's right! We have our very own Instagram account now. If you're on Instagram, head over to our page and give us a follow to get instant access to sneak previews of upcoming products.

That's it for now! Happy gaming!

Review from Guerrilla Miniature Games September 08, 2015 11:47

Other than the fact that Guerrilla Miniature Games is a great operation, we’re talking about them today because they did a short review on our display stage (namely the Shadow Defiant stage). Check out the video below if you’d like to see one of our display stages “in action.”

We highly recommend you check out the rest of their YouTube page, though, if you aren’t already familiar with them. They’ve got a ton of stuff from bat reps, to painting projects, to reviews on some awesome looking small-business products. You can check it all out on their YouTube page here. They’ve also got a Facebook, Google+, and all that great stuff so you can follow their every move.


MEGABOT v.s. KURATAS September 03, 2015 18:20

Alright, guys. If you've been anywhere near the internet in the last few months, you've probably heard of the face-off plans between America's Megabot and Japan's Kuratas. If you haven't here is the video:

Yeah, maybe it's old news, but we're still completely stoked about it. We can't wait to find out where the battle will take place so we can start staking out camping spots.

Who do you think will win?

Coming Soon - METTLE SHELL August 18, 2015 22:56

shipping container gaming terrain


The new shipping container is coming out crazy soon (like maybe tomorrow, maybe in a few hours, depends on when you're reading this)! We're super excited and just couldn't wait to post a preview up on the blog.

But, if you think this is cool, wait till you see what's inside. Stay tuned!

Tactical Crates Coming July 29, 2015 21:13


Hey everyone!

Today's sci-fi terrain teaser is for some crates we're putting together along with the buildings we posted about last week. With each new project we start, we do a lot of research (i.e. watch a lot of sci-fi) and conceptualization to make sure we can put the most intricate and tactical terrain out there for a more interesting and thoughtful game. These crates will stack together perfectly both horizontally and vertically and create some great cover in more ways than just standing behind them.

These crates are in the pretty early stages of development so there will definitely be more to come as we figure out and add more features!

We've Got Terrain (concepts) July 23, 2015 22:06

That's right! We've actually got some building prototypes going, now! While it's strange to be called “Top Down Terrain” without any terrain on our site, we still think our display stages are pretty awesome. But, we are excited about what we're developing for the new buildings... and to actually be able to provide our namesake. Ha.

Anyway, using a bit of puzzle logic, we're making sure the buildings are as cool on the inside as they are on the outside, and they'll be completely interlockable and stackable.

Keep checking back for more updates on what's going on!


And... We're Live! July 15, 2015 21:46

After much planning, sketching, designing, and prototyping (and way too many near throw-computer-through-window instances), we're up and running and crazy excited to share with everyone what we've made!

We're starting out with some excellent display stages and matching base sets, but we're definitely not stopping there. Expect more updates as we continue planning, sketching, designing, prototyping, and almost throwing our computers out of windows. We are excited to share our upcoming products it with you all, so stay tuned and check back soon!