Unpainted September 28, 2015 20:21

shadow defiant stage unpainted detail

We get asked this a lot about our product line: are the lines/details/words painted on or are they etched? All details on all of our products are etched or cut into the products, so there is never anything you will see in our product images that you won't get to take advantage of on your own sets. There is never a design or detail on the product images that is just painted on. We intend on getting unpainted detailed shots (like the one above) on all of the product pages in the near future as a result of getting these questions.

We really love getting questions like this because they help us think about how to improve our products and our presentation better so we invite everyone to ask away. We want to make terrain and accessories that we want to use, but we of course want you to want to use them, too, so we appreciate any and all input! The easiest ways to contact us are through our Contact page, or email at contact[at]topdownterrain.com.