The Best Terrain Primer. Ever. February 17, 2016 14:46

We randomly picked up this primer at our local Home Depot, only to discover that it is freaking amazing. It is so amazing, you needed to know about it for all of your modeling ventures. So here it is:

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This unassuming spray can of magic has these wondrous features:

  • Layers well
  • Dries fast
  • Doesn’t soak into mdf and cause expansion (in fact it seals the mdf and works as a primer for acrylics)
  • It is super cheap

We use it on everything from our own personal miniatures, to all of our products that have been painted for display.

If you have a Home Depot near you, or want to pick it up online, we highly recommend it because wow. Make sure to get the FLAT one and not the semi-gloss one.

Do you have any primer or paint favorites for your modeling? Let us know!