Delayed Order Fulfillment December 26, 2017 13:57

We wanted to make a quick post and thank everyone for the enthusiasm and excitement with our products. We are an extremely small operation and are truly floored with the reception of our work. With the very large increase of orders we've suddenly experienced, and despite our very best efforts, we are unfortunately falling behind on our order fulfillment ETA. We guarantee all orders will be fulfilled as quickly as we can, however the fulfillment time will be extended from the usual 5-10 business days.

We are hugely thankful to everyone who has ordered and/or shared our products! Once we get our order queue back to normal, we can't wait to share more products and projects we've been working on.

We are also working on ways to mitigate this kind of delay for future releases and are trying to get better at predicting demand (you guys really surprised us).

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