New Product Preview: Fan-Made Kingdom Death: Monster products! November 28, 2017 16:24

fan-made kingdom death monster insert and console

With all the excitement and updates regarding Kingdom Death: Monster, we are making updates to our own product line to make sure we can keep providing what's needed to streamline and organize gameplay!

Here is a peek of what we have coming to the store this January!

The first update is the character consoles.

fan-made kingdom death monster character console

These 100% acrylic consoles were designed to ensure all of the impermanent information is easy to erase and update with a dry erase marker, while keeping the longer lasting information from accidentally getting wiped away. Easily swap out character sheets when a survivor has to skip a Hunt, or when you need to train a young survivor, and keep tabs on Survival usage with the switches on the left. These accommodate both 1.3 and 1.5 versions of the sheets, and will come in 4-packs.


Next, a mini-organizer for the 1.5 Expansion Box.

fan-made kingdom death: monster 1.5 expansion box organizer

This little addition can sit inside the 1.5 expansion box on its own, as well as take up the same amount of space in the core box as the Gear Cards tray + Misc. Hunt tray. This insert accommodates standard KDM cards in official sleeves.

That's it! We've got some other exciting additions to our line coming up really soon so keep and eye out for that.

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