Orion Tide - Hangar 07 Display Stage w/ Tournament Drawer

$ 79.99

Bring your sci-fi miniatures to life with our visually striking display stages! Each set piece is designed to offer an immersive and intricately detailed environment in which to showcase your 28mm models.

Each fully engraved display includes a set of two 55mm, five 40mm, and twenty-two 25mm bases cut directly from the stage for a perfect fit. Built in handles also allow our displays to double as transportation trays, letting you carry your forces to battle in unparalleled style.

Dimensions: 285mm x 285mm x 80mm

Matching Bases Included:

  • 2x - 55mm bases
  • 5x - 40mm bases
  • 22x - 25mm bases

This laser cut 3mm MDF and 2.5mm acrylic set ships unassembled and unpainted.

Made to order. Please allow 1-5 business days before shipment.

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